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B) In the 700 years of Ottoman rule Armenians/Greeks/Jews and different minorities have been in excessive-esteem, and held very high positions within the authorities. While in Europe the Jews had to stay in ghettos, not to point out anti-Semitic pogroms in Russia and France. Under the Ottoman Millet System spiritual and ethnic minorities had been in a position to handle their very own affairs with substantial independence from central management.

Women’s rights in Albanian politics

Unfortunately, most of us favor to have a look at variations somewhat than similarities. Lastly, to all the Quran bashers in this discussion board, have you guys ever studied it earlier than? It is the only holy e-book on this world that promotes inter-spiritual concord, existence and happiness. It can also be the one holy e-book that states that every good human being, regardless of faith, race and tradition shall be rewarded in the afterlife. I suppose it is shameful these days to nonetheless be racist and ignorant.

A Muslim is just a individual, free to do what he needs to do, believing in one god and principally having god in every aspect of his life. The reason why Muslims are such a various lot is simply because Islam separates faith and tradition. Sadly, it’s not happening in the Middle East however ever since i was kid, I was advised that the Middle East and Arabs weren’t good examples of how Muslims must be. I strongly believe that the only method to achieve peace is thru finding similarities between every religion, race and culture.

If it had been completely different, perhaps that English Queen would have had the sobriquet “Fiscal Mary” somewhat than “Bloody Mary”. Religion is the least important factor for Albanians these days, and yet is the one most important thing for foreign medias. the US would not acknowledge a breakaway part of Siberia with the identify of “republic of Alaska” or a breakaway part of Mexico with the name “Republic of California”, particularly if they’s begin saying they’re “the Falkland nation”, the “Alaskan nation” or the “Californian nation”.

Religious Demography

Also there might be millions of Turks who might flood into Europe and steal jobs. Many in West Europe don’t desire this and many Turks are beginning to oppose Turkey within the EU. However, the mere exisistence of a Muslim minority within the Balkans cannot be enough conditions for ethnic violence within the area. Considering that Turkey had no involvement in inciting non secular rivalries following the independence of the Balkan states, blaming Ottoman legacy for the subsequent violence is blatant scapegoating.

It is for a similar purpose why the EU wouldn’t acknowledge any nation, say FYROM, if they’d decide to name themselves “Republic of Europe” and say they’re the “European nation”. People in the Northern Greek province of Macedonia(an ancient greek phrase, by the best way, meaning “mountainous”) are proud to be each greek and (actual) macedonian(not FYROMians), and consider they don’t have anything in widespread with FYROMians. i am an albanian christian, believer not atheist, and that i by no means had a non secular battle, even verbal here or never felt it. If you examine Sarajevo (i love sarajevo by the way) to Tirana, you would understand how openminded albanian muslims are, even those who follow it. No one right here seems to know what Islam and being a muslim is all about.

Irredentist nationalism is a extra sensible source for ethnic tensions in the region. there are additionally many Albanians that do not apply the muslim religion however if you ask them they will nonetheless name themselves “muslim”.

I reside in North America and can not help but notice the excessive number of Ethnic Europeans and virtually non-existant numbers of Native Americans. There principally in Asia and likewise if EU needs a Muslim country they need to take Albania and Bosnia. The largest nation within the EU would be the poorest, the biggest will be Muslim as an alternative of CHristian or agnostic, and the biggest will be the most Asian.

Of course, the Ottoman empire lasted more than 600 years and through that point Christian Europe moved from fanatical intolerance towards the slightest deviation in doctrine to freedom of worship for all religions. But for a few of this era, whereas the Ottomans made these of a special faith pay taxes, in nevertheless a humiliating method, Christians were burning to death fellow Christians.

Famous Albanians of Turkey

I reed some were that the albanian language may be the oldest language recorded in history. It seems to me if we dare to look inside this fragmented history we could need to rethink each thing we know. Since the world need albanian girls to evolve quicker the only method we are able to do that is to understand our previous. An the more I read of them the more I really feel that they cold unlock some unaswerd qustions to history and religion.

Christianity and Islam within the North beneath Ottoman Rule

But Erind’s postulations about Albanian tolerance is definitely not relevant to Kosovo Albanians. The wilful, vile destruction of anything Christian in that historic centre of Orthodox Christianity is unforgiveable.



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